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SmartKem and its global partners are proud to welcome you to the new FLEXTRANS website.

FLEXTRANS is an ambitious two-year project to accelerate the adoption of organic semiconductors as a universal thin film transistor (TFT) backplane platform enabling the production of a new generation of display based products.

FLEXTRANS is a commercially focused project that involves the development of an industrial grade organic TFT manufacture protocol and its transfer to display makers in Asia for the production of display demonstrators with commercial partners in the EU and Asia.

The clear objective of the FLEXTRANS project is to support and speed up the scale-up and widespread commercial adoption of organic semiconductors in display manufacturing.

This will be achieved by the development and transfer of the production protocols for Gen 2.5 backplane manufacture, to support the scaled production of organic TFT based liquid crystal (LC) and organic light emitting diode (OLED) based displays on glass and plastic, on existing customer display production lines across Asia.

The outcome of the project will reshape the display industry, enabling the production of ultra-thin, lightweight and conformal displays that consume half the power of traditional displays. This technology is expected to improve the user experience for millions of consumers as they interact with wearable, mobile and embedded displays throughout their daily life.

The FLEXTRANS project has received significant EU funding and financial backing from the lead partner, SmartKem. Other key stakeholders include display design and integration partners, the display industry supply chain and centres of excellence within the UK. Progress and advances in the project will be conveyed to private, public and political institutions, the scientific community, investors and the wider society.

This website is designed as a one-stop-shop for all stakeholders and members of the supply chain requiring information about the project and its progress. It complements a wider communications plan including regular reporting, technical conferences and social media.

Key project milestones, events and media coverage will be detailed on this site, which will also act as a landing page for stakeholder queries.

SmartKem Head of Strategic Marketing, Dr. Mike Cowin, said: “There is a huge amount of interest in the FLEXTRANS project, not just from display manufacturers, but also within the display product design and integration industry for access to a technology platform that will enable the evolution of an exciting new range of wearable, phone, computer and automotive based displays products.

“We look forward to sharing more project news and success stories on this site over the coming months.”

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FLEXTRANS is co funded by the Horizon 2020 programme of the European Union.